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Realeather Products


Our History

We have traversed the globe and worked with tanners to find leather with the highest quality and consistency to use in our products. The majority of the leather we secure from tanneries is brought in-house to our Southern Indiana factory where it is then clicked or cut on state of the art equipment for use in our kits, wound on spools to produce our leather lace products, and packaged for resale. 

The Realeather product line offers everything needed to create a full leather craft program including tools, specialty hardware in a variety of finishes, thread, needles, dyes and other components. Realeather products also includes superior leather lace, known for its dependability and strength. Realeather craft lace is available in a variety of types, widths and colors. The Realeather line also offers trim pieces in assorted sizes which are perfect for garments, moccasins, bags, small projects, home décor, jewelry, and more. In addition to our lace, hardware, and tools, the Realeather brand offers a diverse selection of kits and instructional aids for everyone; from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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Realeather Products

Leathercraft kits

Realeather leathercraft kits offer complete, all-in-one projects for the beginner or the advanced crafter. We offer some intro-to-leathercraft starter kits that give you multiple projects, tools and necessary supplies. We also have kits that are self contained crafts, that don’t require additional leathercraft tools or supplies such as dreamcatcher kits, Indian lore kits, and more. These are great for summer kids crafts or school like settings. These kits are sold in individual and bulk options.

Leather Lace

Known across the world for its strength and consistency, Realeather lace is cut from leathers that are tanned to our exact standards. Offered in a variety of widths, colors, and lengths, there are many types of laces to fit your needs. Our suede and deerskin lace are popular products for jewelry makers while our latigo laces offer a more sturdy lace for uses in boots, shoes, sporting equipment, and equine tack.

Realeather_Envelope Clutch Leather Craft Kit

leathercraft supplies & Tools

The Realeather brand offers everything for a complete leathercraft line including leather dyes, paints, hardware, thread, adhesives, and embellishments such as conchos. Also available are a wide variety of stamps, punches, and leather crafting tools such as edge bevelers, skivers, and spindle slickers. Our tools and supplies are of the highest quality and offer the best value for the price.


We package leather in smaller cuts that are sized just right for many types of projects. Realeather offers leathers in unique colors, finishes, and textures including the popular embossed Acanthus pattern and Metallic finishes. Sold in trim pieces, strips and scrap bags, our leather will fit your project needs.