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Leather Parts Manufacturing

Leather Parts Manufacturing


All leather is carefully inspected for quality assurance when received at the warehouse. This ensures our colors, tensile strength, and overall quality is as consistent as possible.

Silver Creek’s wide range of capabilities lead to the development of the Leather Components division. Due to our long history in the leather industry, we have established relationships with the finest leather and materials suppliers. We can source any needed materials and cut your products to your exact specifications to ensure it is of the highest quality. 

One of the main leather components that we produce are strong, durable leather laces of all colors, strengths, and widths. The lace products include Saddle Strings, Boot or Shoe laces, Industrial Belt Lacing, and Lacrosse Strips which are cut from full grain cowhide leather. Other component products include saddle bags, rifle scabbards, liquor bottle tags and more. 

We work with distributors and manufacturers from a wide variety of industries to create a product to meet their specific needs. Some of the industries we have created component products or finished leather goods for include equine, footwear, headwear, leather craft, sporting goods, jewelry, and apparel. 

Our product development team is also available to help take your new product design ideas and create a refined product. With our array of specialized machinery and wealth of knowledge, we can find the best product solution for you. Call our sales department today to get a quote for your next project.