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Silver Creek Leather Company is pleased to bring you our expanded catalog of leather lace and leathercraft supplies for 2014. Our Realeather  brand of lace, kits and jewelry is distributed by craft retailers and wholesalers across the United States.

Our Southern Indiana factory manufactures a wide variety of leather lace for all types of leathercraft, jewelry and manufactured products. We believe that this is the finest leather lacing available anywhere, for several reasons.  First, we work with tanners from all over the world to provide consistent leather that is produced to our specifications.  Secondly, we have invested in state of the art machinery that allows us to produce lace that is cut, beveled, or formed to exact tolerances. Most importantly, our staff of skilled tradesmen have many years of experience in making lace and knows how to make great products that work the way you need them to.  

Over the years, we have added much more to our line than just lace. Our Realeather brand kits are made here in our factory, ranging from simple wristbands and kid’s products to belts and billfolds. Our vast selection of leather resources allow us to offer inexpensive children’s group kits and higher end tooling projects with top quality veg cowhide and calf lace. We also manufacture leather component parts and pieces on a contract basis for companies who want to incorporate leather into its designs.

As a full line leathercraft supplier, Silver Creek also offers tools, specialty hardware, thread, needles, dyes, and other components that our customers need to complete a leathercraft program. We import some speciality laces that are manufactured overseas.  Since we stock thousands of leather skins for our production, we sell these leathers as well.

With an expansive library of cutting dies, Silver Creek Leather can custom manufacture many more products than are offered in this catalog. If you have an idea for a new product or need something made exclusively for you, please contact us and we will work with you to develop it.

Our products are sold primarily through distributors and retail chains in the United States.  To purchase products from Silver Creek Leather Co., we require a valid sales tax license and minimum purchase.  We are located in New Albany, Indiana. Our normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern time.









Tony & Kay Laier

Silver Creek Leather Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Tony Laier as Director of Research and Development. Kay Laier has also signed on as the Artistic Coordinator for educational materials and new products. Tony is renowned for his artistic skills in leather, product design and teaching methods, and has impacted the leathercraft industry for over 35 years. Kay has a background in graphic, computer and visual arts, both in the leather craft and general craft markets. Their combined experience in the leathercraft industry is a valuable asset as our company promotes leather to the general craft market.